The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay
Selected Discourses on the World's Largest Remaining Wetland System


Edited by Frederick A. Swarts
(Hudson MacArthur Publishers, 2000)
287 pages, illustrated (14 color, 46 black&white), English
Copyright 2000 by Waterland Research Institute


This collection of papers and presentations on the Pantanal represents some of the best and most comprehensive material on this immense and biologically rich system.  Many of the world's foremost authorities -- from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and other nations, and from key international and intergovernmental organizations -- share their knowledge of the Pantanal, and their insights on the socioeconomic challenges confronting this unique treasure. The version available here is the conference edition. The fully edited, second edition of this book, titled The Pantanal: Understanding and Preserving the World's Largest Wetland, is available from Paragon House Publishers ( For a review of the book, click here.



1.     The Pantanal in the 21st Century: For the Planet's Largest Wetland, an Uncertain Future
        Dr. Frederick A. Swarts

Part I: Overview of the Pantanal

2.     The Pantanal and the Paraguay River Basin:  From the Technical Focus to the Political Option
        Dr. Juan Maria Carron

3.      The Brazilian Pantanal: An Overview
         Ana Lucia Lima Barros Dolabella

4.      Wetlands in Bolivia: Pantanal Preservation and Sustainable Development
      Professor Carlos Aguirre

5.      The Pantanal of Paraguay
          Dr. Juan Maria Carron

6.      Geology of the Pantanal region
         Dr. Antonio Segovia

Part II:  Preservation of the Pantanal

7.    The Pantanal Today, Prospects for Tomorrow
        Adalberto Eberhard

8.    Protected Areas in the Bolivian Pantanal
       Maria Esther Montano

9.     Pantanal National Park Preservation and the Integrated Efforts of the Brazilian Government Towards Areas under Federal, State and Private Protection
        Dr. Jose A. Ferraz de Lima

Part III:  Economic Development

10.    Ecotourism in the Pantanal and its Role as a Viable Economic Incentive for Conservation
         Douglas Trent

11.    Ecotourism as a Tool for Sustainable Development in the Pantanal
         Reinaldo Lourival

12.     Ecotourism in Mato Grosso do Sul:  The New Business Opportunity
          Deputy Paulo Jose Arujo Correa

13.     Cattle Grazing and Sustainable Plant Diversity in the Pantanal:  What do We Know?  What do We Need to Know?
           Dr. Ronald H. Fortney

14.      The Paraguay-Parana Hidrovia:  Large-scale Channelization or a "Tyranny of Small Decisions"?
           Dr. Johan F. Gottgens

15.     Research for Sustainable Development of the Brazilian Pantanal
          Dr. Mario Dantas

Part IV:  International Organizations and the Pantanal

16.    Implementation of Integrated Management Practices for the Pantanal and the Upper Paraguay River Basin
         Dr. Nelson da Franca Ribeiro dos Anjos

17.    Ramsar Convention and the Pantanal
         Dr. Bill Phillips

18.    The World Bank and the Pantanal
         Dr. John Redwood

19.    UNEP and the Pantanal
         Ricardo Sanchez Sosa

Part V: Lessons From Other Systems

20.    Lessons from the Everglades
         Ernest Barnett

21.    Wetland Ecotones and the Role of the Private Sector in Conservation and Management of the Pantanal
         Dr. Thomas L. Crisman

22.    Economic Development and Environmental Conservation in Korea:  The Relevance of Korean Wetland Experiences to the Pantanal
         Dr. Soo Young Park & Dr. Chan Won Lee

Part VI: Dynamic Between Economic Development and Environmental Preservation

23.    The Profound Shift Toward an Environmentally Sustainable Economy
        Janet Abramovitz

24.    Sustainable Development:  An Integrated Approach
         Jorge Rucks

25.    A Measure of Optimism
         Dr. Noel Brown

Part VII: World Conference on Preservation and Sustainable Development in the Pantanal

26.    The International Environment: Challenges and Opportunities
         Senator Richard G.  Lugar

27.    Pantanal: A Global Heritage
         Dr. Marcelo Alonso

28.    The Pantanal and the Pantaneiros: Heartfelt Challenges and New Opportunities
         Dr. Chung Hwan Kwak

29.    Fundamental Considerations for the Future of the Pantanal
         Dr. Wally N'Dow


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