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The World Conference on Preservation and Sustainable Development in the Pantanal (WCPSDP) is an international project, sponsored by several prominent institutions, for the purposes of elucidating more clearly the nature of the Pantanal region, identifying threats to this system, advancing initiatives towards its future, and fostering worldwide supporting mechanisms.  The WCPSDP conducts international conferences, symposia and fact-finding tours, publishes original works on the Pantanal, serves as a catalyst toward an integrated management involving Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, and helps in establishing networks among leading authorities of academic, governmental, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations.

Both the Pantanal environment and the Pantaneiros, the people of the Pantanal, face daunting challenges. The WCPSDP strives to address these two challenges, in order to assure the best possible future for the region and assure the integrity of the Pantanal for posterity. 

Without good information, wise decisions, timely action, sound management, and a coordinated effort, the Pantanal will find itself another at-risk region whose very survival is in doubt.  The WCPSPD strives to provide assistance with the necessary research, education, and coordination, and to mobilize supporting worldwide mechanisms to assist the efforts of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay in their endeavors to accomplish proper preservation and sustainable development in this region.

The main secretariat office is located in the offices of the Waterland Researach Institute in Pennsylvania (see contact information).  However, this is a project of several academic, research and conservation institutions and foundations, whose offices also serve roles in conducting of the WCPSPD activities, and which provide various levels of funding and support.  Among these institutions, the principle leadership role is played by the World University Federation (USA).  Other organizations which have provided funding and/or support include the University of Bridgeport (USA), Ecotropica Foundation (Brazil), the Washington Times Foundation (USA), Sun Moon University (Korea), and the International Cultural Foundation (USA), as well as the Waterland Research Institute (USA/Brazil).

This web site details a number of the principle projects of the World Conference on Preservation and Sustainable Development in the Pantanal. 

Secretary-General Dr. Frederick A. Swarts
Senior Research Scientist, Waterland Research Institute
Chairman, 1st WCPSDP conference Dr. Marcelo Alonso
Former Director of Science and Technology, Organization of American States (OAS)
Chairman, 2nd WCPSDP conference Dr. Noel Brown
Former North American Regional Director, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)


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